Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation on the issues:

Political Thought - Understanding our political heritage is a vital part of building a stronger America for the next generation. The principles of America’s Founders must be restored to their proper role in the public and political discourse, influencing public policy and reforming government to reflect constitutional limits.

Budget and Spending - Federal spending has grown rapidly over the last decade, leading to substantial budget deficits that will cripple the economy. To restore fiscal health, the federal government should reduce taxes, cut wasteful spending, and reform the massive entitlements.

Economy - Free-market, pro-growth policies are critical to enable our economy to flourish.

Religion and Civil Society - Religious institutions and individuals are at the heart of America’s thriving civil society, providing effectively for the welfare of individuals and communities in ways that government programs do not have the capacity to address.

Education - Effective education policy includes returning authority to the states and empowering parents with the opportunity to choose a safe and effective education for their children from among public, private, religious, charter, online and home school opportunities.

Sex Education and Abstinence - Teens who abstain from sex have improved life outcomes. But today’s culture promotes casual sex, including through federally funded comprehensive sex education. Early sexual activity is associated with outcomes that make young people more likely to depend on government. Abstinence education offers a rare alternative voice, and research has shown its effectiveness.

Family and Marriage - The family, centered on marriage, is the basic unit of society. Healthy marriages and families are the foundation of thriving communities. When marriages break down, communities suffer and the role of government tends to expand. Sound public policy places marriage and the family at the center, respecting and guarding the role of this permanent institution.

A message from The Heritage Foundation's President-Elect, Former Senator Jim Demint:
Being a conservative can often feel like an uphill battle.  Liberals are outspoken about their progressive vision for our future. But while they are outspoken, they don’t represent the majority of Americans.  In fact, the 2012 presidential exit polls showed the majority of Americans don’t want big government.  When asked if “government should do more to solve problems,” only 43 percent of voters agreed. And 51 percent of voters agreed that “government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals.”  Yet while Americans intuitively believe government should be limited, they don’t support the conservative policies that achieve that end. That’s a fundamental disconnect. And it’s up to us conservatives to solve it.  The Heritage Foundation is leading the charge to revitalize the conservative movement. It’s our duty to Americans to make sure our ideals prevail, and that means we have to communicate better. 
We at Heritage are idealists, and we have a vision for a stronger, more effective conservative movement. Learn more about our plan and watch a special video to tell you more about it.

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