Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Are You Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion?

I just read a post called Labels Matter: Why We’re Pro-Life, Not Just Anti-Abortion.
(Check it out!)

I love how the post explains how... 
"We support helping women through crisis pregnancies...loving and caring for children...adoption, education, and counseling as healthy alternatives to abortion and deceit."

...and how in addition to being "anti-abortion"...

We’re also against euthanasia, suicide (assisted or otherwise), terrorism, cloning, extreme poverty, unjust war, human trafficking, and anything else that threatens the sanctity of human life."

The book Personhood (below) explains very well how the pro-life challenge does not end at the abolition of abortion, but also affects other current and upcoming areas that have devalued the sanctity of human life.

"History will one day look upon the movement to affirm the personhood of unborn children in the same way we now look upon the abolition of slavery and the end of the Holocaust. Dan Becker has been a reliable and principled voice for the unborn. His book advancing personhood for the most vulnerable among us is like a sound of the trumpet that will reverberate throughout time. The Holocaust of the unborn is the darkest chapter in American history and Dan Becker's book is a call to turn the page and restore a culture of life. It is a must read." Mathew D. Staver Dean and Professor of Law Liberty University School of Law

You can get your copy of Personhood by clicking the picture or link below! 

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