Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recommended Reading: Five Reasons You Should Go to Your Local Abortion Mill

I have been going to abortion clinics to pray since I was a baby in my parents arms, and now my son comes with me.  There are few other times that I feel the presence of God as strong as when I am praying, reading the word, or playing guitar and singing on the sidewalk in front of my local abortion mill.  I agree with R.C. Sproul Jr. and appreciate his blog post, Five Reasons You Should Go to Your Local Abortion Mill.  

I have never talked to any of the women there, but a friend of mine has and she has pictures of the babies that have been born to women that she has shared with.  She has been invited to many births because of her obedience to share love, comfort, and the hope of Jesus Christ with women who are confused, alone, and hurting.  May we all have her boldness and love!

Note:  No woman should feel alone during an unplanned pregnancy.  With the support of Care Net and its network of pregnancy centers, people facing unplanned pregnancies are choosing life and hope everyday...

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