Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Election is Over. Now What?

To my county, my state, and my nation.

My heart grieves today. Today reminds me of 1 Samuel 8:4-22, when the nation of Israel asked for a king.

We have chosen free stuff over freedom, arbitrary power over the rule of law, popularity over principle, government stimulus over entrepreneurship, giving a man a fish over teaching him to fish, welfare over personal charity, a nanny state over responsibility, a planned economy over free market, hand outs over jobs. We have been enamored with fine speeches instead of looking at the ideas and historical development behind those words. We have chosen socialism and called it social "justice".
The 1st amendment was placed in jeopardy with "" when we were told to report on our neighbors rumors, and by the idea that religious organizations must cover abortions. The 2nd amendment has been put on notice with the assault guns ban, and the UN small arms treaty. The 4th amendment has been trampled with warrants being written by agents rather than judges, and by the TSA. The 5th-8th amendments have been decimated by the National Defense Authorization Act.
Amendment 9? "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." -that summarizes it all.
Amendment 10 may be our only saving grace now..."The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." 

I am ashamed of my state today. We have rejected the constitution and the candidates who stood to defend it, whether they fully understood the ideas of the framers or not.

Do we still believe in inalienable rights? Do we still believe our rights are given by God? Or do we now believe that our rights are given by man and governments, in which case they can be taken away by man and governments? 

The right to life is the first inalienable right. America voted against life. We retained in office a supporter of planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation. Do we no longer believe that the innocent should be protected?

We did not choose, as a country, to support Israel.  God have mercy on us.
To those who believe they have “won”, 

Please do not be so quick to celebrate that you do not take the time to realize the implications of your decision. Are there any words or phrases in this post that are unfamiliar to you? Please read the Constitution, The Law by Frederick Bastiat, and The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek. The media has done us a great disservice by focusing on distractions like Big Bird, horses and bayonets, and binders. Is that really the level of discussion in this country? Are we really incapable of handling conversations about real issues?

We call a lack of insurance coverage for contraception a "war on women", when there are women in other countries have had their noses cut off or have had acid thrown in their faces. Is our view of injustice really this skewed? 
We have 4 Americans die in Libya and then what looks like a cover-up takes place.
We print money and turn our currency to dust without holding anyone accountable. We choose failed economic policies over time tested successful ones. We take taxpayer's hard earned money and “invest” in green energy companies that go bankrupt.
We have made a lot of mistakes. So, what do we do now?
Teach your children the history of socialism. Teach your children about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from ORIGINAL documents. Young adults voting based on twitter hashtags like #BigBird #Binders and #Bayonets is ridiculous! We must all pray against this stronghold of pop culture in our country. I am saddened to see many of my friends influenced politically by singers and actors today. Many of my Christian friends have voted according to who seems cool, rather than who is more in line with Biblical standards. Please, don't think that your child's school is teaching them what they need to know to succeed. The last generation has failed my generation and now the debt of the nation will be passed down to me and my children. It's immoral. We must reach the next generation, so they will have a chance of turning this train around. Sit down with your kids today and talk straight with them. They have been entrusted to you.

The silver lining? Today my son was swinging on his swing set when he starts singing at the top of his lungs with jumbled words but the perfect melody, "Bless the Lord, oh my soul. Ooooh, my soul. Worship His holy name..." Leave it to the kids to remind us of what is important. = )

Want to take a class on the Constitution and the history leading up to it?  Check out or email  When you are ready to sign up you may do so through this page link.

Abraham Lincoln said,  "The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."


  1. Thank you for this! I am a Hispanic female who refused to buy the lies of the failing administration. I voted for Christian Conservative values and there were many like me who are angry and frustrated right now. Then I am reminded that Jesus overcame the world, that no weapon formed against us will prosper! I won't except defeat because this world is defeated and we are victorious in Christ!
    So just because the world is under judgement and condemnation doesn't mean I am and I will prosper in every area because Im depending on Christ and not man! Let me make this clear The election result was NOT God's Will this was Man's Will but He is faithful to supply the solution to all of mens mistakes for those willing to recieve His Grace! My facebook page is going to a source of encouragement and change for my friends saved and unsaved. Meanwhile, I'll continue to take Communion for the next 25 days and pray for truth to come out and this administration to bow its knee in repentance or to have their evil exposed for the nation and world to see their disgrace its already begun. Now its not just them we battle against the demonic powers and the spirit of the anti-Christ but again we are coming from a place of victory in Christ! Like you I feel its time to equip and be equipped by the Hily Spirit with knowledge that we are more than conquerors and we have His power to pray and stop the works of the devil and reverse these things! :-)
    Sorry if Im getting carried away but its time to put our foot down and declare enough is enough!!
    Beloved in Grace,

  2. Amen, Cassy! Thank you for your comment! Get carried away anytime! ; )

  3. I was fired up as well and was thinking that this nation has consistently stated they believe in the God of the Bible. So therefore the 70+% of this nation that stated that, represent the church because they declare themselves followers. I wanted to write something that would wake them up, but I heard from the lord, 'The Church has spoken.'

    God has recorded the decision of this nation to act against his word, his protection and his direction.

    When isreal did this they were given many chances, and redirection through God's actions attempting to get their attention. But eventually they were judged by another nation sent for that purpose.

    Encourage the remnant that are faithful. Lift up those that truely repent and wish to hear his voice. Thank God for his great mercy;

    Yet I cannot come up with a single argument of why God should not begin his judgement of the United States.

    1. Thank you Juli. :-)
      Anonymous I agree that the ailing church stood back and did nothing or joined in but they haven't be taught to be habitually lead by the Holy Spirit in the church. God says in His Word that there is always hope for those willing to seek Him daily and actively. For this world yes they are/will suffer for their choices but again this does not mean we are to suffer with them we can be blessed and abundant even if the world is falling apart around us in fact because I made the choice to follow the Holy Spirit's promptings I am not subject to the curse you can be but I refuse to be, it disregards and discredits the blood of Jesus that makes us whiter than snow, the love/mercy/faithfulness of God towards the faithful!

      My friend the victory over the enemy and his cohorts is already done, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, he said it is finished the battle is won you just have to believe that! Ppray against the demonic forces behind the president and his administration, pray for the eyes of believers deceived to be open and for them to comes back into God's love, mercy, and Grace then know it's going to happen. When will we say enough is enough and use the power given to us to speak the things of God into this world? If you want to use God's judgement as an excuse to be spiritually lazy and not lift a finger against the Devil then I guarantee you won't ever see a change but I refuse to do that anymore. Enough is enough my nation, my bro/sis' in Christ, my future husband and children their lives are on the line I can't afford to be a complacient Christian anymore!
      Oh beloved ones believe that today. :)
      Oh got carried away again but I feel so passionate about this like never have before.
      Beloved in Grace,

    2. "...they haven't be taught to be habitually lead by the Holy Spirit in the church."

      True. Now is the time for us to teach! Education is so important right now. A bad education system that has taken Bible and prayer out of schools is how we have gotten to this point. It is time to take back the ground. Starting with our children, families, friends, churches, communities, and branching out from there let's teach the Word and how we are to live by the Word everyday and in every decision we make!

  4. Amen Juli! I thank God He lead me to this blog! :-D I encourage those who want to fellowship with me to befriend me on facebook!

  5. I think that too many of us have gotten our "religion" from Fox News.

    Sink yourself into God's Holiness and let Him tell you the truth. Avoid the puppetry so many of us Chritians have fallen into.

  6. I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally don't watch Fox News.

    I think the larger point is valid though. We should all search the Word to see what it says about the issues of today.

    Did you know that there are over 50 prolife passages in the Bible? And that's just one issue!



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