Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"I'm not voting. They're the same."

Think the candidates are the same?  Not sure where they stand on the issues?  Wallbuilders has put together quotes from the Republican and Democrat 2012 Platforms for your consideration.  Click Here to read the list.  You can also print them out (front and back) to distribute at your church or other group function!

The following is some Biblical basis on the issues included in the platform matchup. These are obviously not all inclusive, but they give you something to think about and discuss with other believers.  You may comment below with your thoughts.  = )

What does the Bible say about:
Abortion? Click Here
Marriage? Clicke Here
Health? Click Here
Conscience? Click Here
Weapons? Click Here & Here
Education? Click Here & Here
Taxes?  Click Here
Work? Click Here

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