Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's in your food?

*Update: The Libertarian Case AGAINST Mandatory GMO Labeling I found this youtube video and thought it brought up very good points, thus I removed the link to the petition.  I have been noticing more Non-GMO Project labels on grocery store food, which is awesome!  Go free market!*

Heard of pink slime lately?

Do you know what Genetically Engineered Foods/GMOs are?

Do you know that the FDA does not mandate GMO foods be labeled? (Sign petition here!)

What I have learned from the links above and other places has shocked and disgusted me.  Thus, I am seeking to find new sources for the food I provide my family with.  The links below are encouraging alternatives.  I figured I would share my findings with you.  = )

Sources for NON-GMO, Grass-fed, and Organic foods:

Azure Standard
I haven't ordered from Azure Standard, because they don't deliver to my state, but it is recommended by a blog that I really like. This is what their name is all about.  A good read!

Local Harvest
I used local harvest to find a fruit/veggie/eggs farm when I lived in Tennessee. It's a very helpful site.

Eat Wild
Learn about grass-fed meat! Make sure your meat says “100% grass fed” or “Grass finished”.

Tropical Traditions
Big producer of Coconut Oil, but has many other products as well.

Vita-CostThey have way more than just vitamins.  Check out their "food" section!  Lots of discount prices.  Order through the link above and you and I will both receive a $10 coupon!

Amazon Natural and Organic Grocery Items
Did you know that has a Natural and Organic Grocery section?

Non-GMO Shopping Guide
Wondering which brands in the grocery store are GMO free?

Caution: This could get overwhelming if you let it. I am not suggesting that you open your fridge and start tossing stuff. I would, however, suggest that as you run out of items that you would do a little research before replacing them. That what I am planning to do anyways. Feel free to join me on the journey!  No condemnation, just inspiration!  : )

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