Friday, December 23, 2011

Self-Government, What Is It And Where Does It Start?

© 2011 by Mrs. Juli Iles
For me, self-government is not about coming in when the bell rings or listening to my teacher. I do however, ask God to help me be self-governed so that I may further my education and be ready and qualified to teach my son when he is of age. I choose to do my work as unto the Lord. I pray that He enables me to finish the work that He has given me to do in this world. I know that He will, because He has called me to be the head and not the tale, and those that He calls He also equips! Thank You, Jesus!

Government is not solely represented by our state and government officials. Government starts in our own heart; with self-discipline. Once we have learned to govern our own selves we should guide our families to truth and lead them in the ways of the Lord. Once our family is in order and is able to govern themselves according to the Word, they will become self-sufficient and wont need our constant correction. At this point, we are then able to reach out to other families, our community, and then on to state and national levels of influence. This may not all be accomplished in one generation, however. God works generationally and this brings rest, perspective and focus to our life. We may not, ourselves, become president, but perhaps our children or grandchildren will. It is our duty to prepare them to make Godly decisions no matter what their sphere of influence may be. If we live in accordance with the Word of God, and intend everyday to be Christ-like, we should not need lots of rules and laws. The Word sets forth guidelines of how we should live and what we should and should not do if we want to please God. Things like “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do good to those that hate you” inculcates an inner resolve that does not come by outer force. 

© 2011 by Mrs. Juli Iles CLU Am Gov 1 September 13, 2010

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