Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts on Education and Government

© 2011 by Mrs. Juli Iles   
God is the ultimate teacher. He will bring me to the knowledge of His truth. True education involves a heart change. Since reading what true education is, I have a new excitement about learning. I am also excited to teach these truths to my son. I pray that God gives me the ability to teach my son and train him up in the way he should go! The most important thing for myself and my son to learn is love of God and love of country. This goes against the flow of modern thinking. God, help us to renew our minds and not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED! My ability to teach my son is such a privilege. Thank you God, for a husband that trusts me with the education of my son. Please help me and fill in the gaps where I am lacking. I am not choosing the easier and more highly praised path; I am choosing the most important job possible! Educating my son will be more rewarding than fame or fortune. I am shaping a child's future and preparing him for his destiny!

True Biblical Government starts in the heart. God fearing people have a natural desire to obey just law. The Ten Commandments are the foremost example of just law. God wants us to love Him and love one another. When we have love in our hearts we don't want to kill, steal, or destroy, and thus we are much less inclined to resist a political government that would promote constitutional laws. Love enables us to have free speech and not take advantage of it in a negative way. Love enables us to own a gun and not use it to harm others. Love of God's word brings us to truth and when we seek truth we are not fooled by incorrect or misleading use of free press. Love says, “I don't agree with your religion, but I will not harm you. I will pray for you.” Without love from the heart and SELF-government our free political government will not last long. We must come back to love. We must come back to God. We must teach our children self-government and then they will naturally follow the constitutional laws of this land. If our laws change from just laws to unjust laws there becomes a challenge. We cannot serve two masters. We must follow God's law and if the law of this land becomes stealing killing or destroying we must stand against it. Prayer for our government is always the first step, and then we must take action. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's. Through the Constitution we have been given the right to vote. This is not only a right, but also a responsibility. We must responsibly use the power vested in us to vote. If we do not use this power carefully now, it may be taken from us completely. Keep your eyes open and your spirit tuned to God's voice. If you are given the opportunity to make a difference today, don't take it for granted, or tomorrow may never come. Ask God what your part to play may be. Everyone has something to offer to ensure the survival of this, our great country. 

© 2011 by Mrs. Juli Iles

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